Who are these guys anyways?

We are Christina O’Connor and David Franusich, a husband and wife team currently based in Virginia. We enjoy telling stories about real people through portraiture and reportage style photography. Capturing the everyday humor and authenticity of life is what drives our vision and work.

What's the deal with Eleven Foot Six?
It's our heights combined! Christina comes in at 5 feet even, and David reaches 6 and a half feet tall. Between the two of us, we pretty much cover the vertical spectrum. But Eleven Foot Six is more than just the sum of our heights--it represents what happens when we work as a team--because the photography magic really starts to happen when our brains and creative juices work together.

If you like our style and need editorial or commercial photography, drop us a line, we'd love to work with you--and we're ready to travel anywhere you need to send us.

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Some awesome folks we've worked with:

  • Virginia Tech
  • Flyscooters
  • Uncork-it Communications
  • Pamplin College of Business
  • DANCE Magazine
  • MCLA Magazine
  • CMR Institute
  • Radford University
  • Volvo Trucks
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Associated Press
  • The Roanoke Times
  • 16 Blocks Magazine
  • Appalachian Power
  • The Lyric Theatre