Swell Booth

Every now and again, David and I do photobooths as a side gig--but I wouldn't call them "photobooths". Instead, they're more like "instant portrait studios". "Instant" in that we provide on site printing of 4x6 prints, and "portrait studio" in that there is no box, we have professional studio lighting and a photographer who takes the photos--not automated software. Over the last several years we've really enjoyed doing these--for events, street fairs, parties--and we just recently decided to get more aggressive in marketing this service. In doing so we thought it was high time to separate Random Found Objects Photography from the photobooth, and give it a name and brand all it's own. Enter Swell Booth. Swell Booth made it's first official appearance at the Fork & Cork Wine Festival in April and at The Creekmore Law Firm's (aka The Artful Lawyer) quarterly art opening in the beginning of May. I love the different ways people interpret the booth, interact with it and they way their personalities come through in each photo. Here are three of our favorites from the last two booths we did. The third photo is of our good friend Jeff Greenough. He's an awesome photographer and wonderful mentor. Thanks Jeff!