Fashion & Film Short

We took a flying leap into the realm of video recently by creating a short film to submit to Charleston Fashion Week's first annual Fashion + Film contest, and we're happy to announce our piece was selected as one of the winners! It was a ton of fun to make, was a great learning experience, and will hopefully lead us to doing more video work in the future. Thanks to David Verde and Kaili Crumpacker for being awesome and being good sports about standing out in the cold without coats as we tried to make it look like not-winter. Thanks also to Jessica O'Connor for lending a hand on one of our shooting days.

So here it is, enjoy!

Ian the bagpiper

While on assignment for the Roanoke Times to cover the Radford Highlanders Festival on Saturday, David and I thought we'd take a strobe along and grab some portraits of folks donning their Scottish garb and perhaps of some of the athletes participating in the Scottish games. We ran into several members of various pipe and drum groups who were happy to pose with their instruments and even play some for us, including this young lad, Ian. Read the story that ran in Sunday's edition of the Roanoke Times and see some more of the photos there too.

Fire Station One

On Saturday we decided to do a little photo expedition in downtown Roanoke, VA just for the heck of it (and we may or may not have had a craving to go to the Roanoke Weiner Stand). While Christina was photographing the outside of what we later found out to be Fire Station One, a gentleman came out and, after asking why she was taking photos, invited us to see the inside. Needless to say, we were a just a little excited. More images to come.