Happy 2016 and a new film short!

Happy new year everyone! We've been terrible at getting our work up here on the blog, but we can tell you it's been a busy year and we're glad to be starting fresh in 2016! We just finished up with a recent project we filmed over Thanksgiving--a bike race in Pittsburgh called "The Dirty Dozen" that takes competitors up 13 (it's a baker's dozen) of the steepest streets in the city. We filmed all of our shots with the frame level to the grade of each hill, essentially flattening each arduous climb. It was a cold and rainy day for a race, but we had a great time cheering on the riders with the rest of the crowd that migrated and gathered at each street. The energy was amazing and so much fun--especially along Canton Avenue, which with a 37-percent grade, may be the steepest city street in the world. Are your legs burning yet?

The (Flattened) Dirty Dozen from RandomFoundObjects on Vimeo.

Fashion & Film Short

We took a flying leap into the realm of video recently by creating a short film to submit to Charleston Fashion Week's first annual Fashion + Film contest, and we're happy to announce our piece was selected as one of the winners! It was a ton of fun to make, was a great learning experience, and will hopefully lead us to doing more video work in the future. Thanks to David Verde and Kaili Crumpacker for being awesome and being good sports about standing out in the cold without coats as we tried to make it look like not-winter. Thanks also to Jessica O'Connor for lending a hand on one of our shooting days.

So here it is, enjoy!